Perforated Liner


Perforated liner with SO2 release for gray mold control. Low ventilation reduces weight loss and maintain the stems condition. Simple and easy use to increases efficiency in packing time.


Modified Atmosphere


Liner without perforations that generates a high relative humidity, gas concentrations (CO2 / O2) and SO2 release that control dehydration and gray mold.



Wrap sheet with SO2 release for gray mold control. Designed to avoid delays the cooling process.




Slow release bottom pad used as a complement on the conventional packaging system to increase the gray mold control. This device does not require the use of absorpads.

Prepared for the different
challenges of the grape industry

Reduces dehydration
Relative Humidity

Low ventilation increases the relative humidity inside the box, decreasing the VPD (vapor pressure deficit) and therefore, a reduction in dehydration.

Cooling time

Different patterns of vented area can be adjusted for each customer conditions.

Controlled SO2 release
Fungus control

SO2 release throughout the internal surface of the bag, generates a homogeneous distribution, controlling gray mold efficiently.

It reduces bleaching/hairline

SmartPac multilayer structure avoid that free moisture, consequence of condensation, react with the Sodium Metabisulfite incorporated in the film, inducing high emissions.

Avoid Oxidation

Sulfur Dioxide reduces the activity of the Polyphenol Oxidase, ezyme that plays a key rol in the oxidation and browning of the rachis.

logistic efficiency
Packing speed

Due it´s an all-in-one product, the packing process is up to 30% faster.

Reduces inventory

Due it´s an all-in-one product, permits to reduce the warehouse area and simplifies the logistics of packing materials.

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